Listen to the Pulse of Mykonos

Hearing: the special sense by which noises and tones are received as stimuli.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Greece is indeed a blessed country. It has a unique natural beauty that can be felt —and not just seen— everywhere. From the mountains of the mainland to the beaches of its countless islands, a wonderful experience awaits the traveler; an experience that is full of colors, flavors, smells and, of course, sounds.

The very first sound you think of when you bring Greece and its beautiful islands to mind is the sound of the sea. The beautiful music that the waves play when they crash on the shore can relax you, put you to sleep, make you dream. And the sound of water under your boat as you sail along the coasts of the Cyclades makes you feel even more confident that choosing Mykonos for your vacation was the best decision you have ever made!

As you approach the shore, you hear the seagulls above your head, circling in the sky and looking for the next fish that will become their target. A gentle breeze hits your face with an almost imperceptible humming, while music slowly begins to be heard from the beach… What an escape!

When you arrive at Solymar’s private pier, the music starts to put you in the mood for enjoyment and to prepare you for what’s to come. A feast of sounds, colors, tastes and senses awaits you just a few meters away! Laughters and happy voices fill the air, glasses are clinking under the sun, forks and spoons are tinkling on the plates. The end result is a unique soundscape that bears the essence of the authentic Mykonian summer!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to book your tickets, pack your bags and get ready to experience Solymar and Mykonos with all your senses!