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Passionate for excellent cuisine

At Solymar Restaurant we combine the gastronomic tradition of the Cyclades with cultivated modern Mediterranean cuisine. Using authentic and eccentric fresh ingredients from selected local producers, we strive to take thedining experience to the next level. We invite you to explore our creative menu, in an original Mykonian environment on the beach.

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For reservation contact us at: +302289071745, +306987488688 Kitchen Hours from 12:00 to 20:00

The Bar - A gathering spot full of positive energy

It doesn't matter what you wear or who you are. The laid-back and easy going bar of Solymar Beach Restaurant is ideal for socializing, drinking refreshing cocktails or simply, for having fun.

The Music - Feel the lively, stimulating vibes

Through Solymar's music you can express your emotions and create amazing experiences. Good vibes, always in tune with the beach, the stars and the gently wind.

Solymar Mykonos
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Solymar Mykonos
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