2022, we’re looking forward to you!

The last month of the year is here! Most cities have been decorated with Christmas lights, the preparations for the festive New Year’s Eve have already started and everyone is looking forward to 2022. Under the veil of holidays and in this joyous atmosphere, however, there is a thought that can hardly be denied. When the new year comes, another summer is approaching… Because when Christmas is over, the first thing crossing our minds is that in a few months we will lie down again on a beach in Mykonos and relax under the Greek sun!

But what makes summer so attractive and appealing to us?

The beaches

Few experiences capture the essence of summer in Greece as sunbathing on one of its many stunning beaches. Every day spent on a Greek beach is a dip in happiness!

The Islands

Greece has hundreds of islands: small or large, noisy or quieter, islands for fun or tranquility, islands for luxury holidays — and every choice is unique! The picturesque alleys, the beautiful taverns and the hospitable inhabitants will always be here to offer you the best shelter for the summer.

The parties

As for summer fun, it’s one of the most important reasons to wait for these warm months! The summer sounds along with the music from the world-renowned clubs will awaken your senses and soon you will find yourself dancing carefree on the narrow streets of Mykonos Town (Chora), at a bar or barefoot on a beach, even until the sun rises!

The food

Last but not least are the mouthwatering summer dishes that you look forward to enjoying, whether in taverns or fine dining restaurants that combine flavors from around the world with the traditional Greek cuisine.

As always, all this and even more you will enjoy in Mykonos! Let the countdown begin. Summer 2022 is loading and Solymar family can’t wait to welcome you again!