Feel Mykonos with your Fingertips

Touch has a memory.

John Keats

The sense of touch is one of the central forms of perceptual experience. It is the sense that keeps us in constant contact with reality, as it creates a “web” of interaction between the personal and the others; the individual and the world around us; the inside and the outside.

If touch has a memory, according to the English romantic poet John Keats, then one thing is for sure: when leaving Greece, a visitor always takes back home the most beautiful memories. This is especially true for the Greek islands and, more specifically, for the island of Mykonos.

The sense of touch reaches its apogee —where else?— on the beach. Right there, in front of the never-ending sea, the fine, golden sand does not ever stop reminding you of where you are. Mykonos, summer; this is the right place and time to be and you know it. You reach out, grab a handful of thousands of tiny grains, and then let them run between your fingers and fall to the ground again. Gratitude. Happiness.

Just a few steps are enough to get right where the waves gently roll upon the shore. There is nothing more refreshing than the feel of cool, crystal clear water around your feet and ankles. As you walk on the wet sand and go deeper into the sea, with the sun warming your skin from above, you realize that this is not just another relaxing moment; it’s a purifying and transforming process.

At Solymar, this almost transcendental experience is completed with the clinking of glasses, the joy of a delicious meal, the laughing, the music and the good company. As the sea breeze gently caresses your face, you realize that maybe the meaning of life is just this: to enjoy every moment to the fullest, with all your senses.