Let Mykonos tickle your nose

Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Diane Ackermann

The sense of smell is quite powerful, as it can evoke memories in seconds. Scents can help create some of the best memories we take home from our vacations; and they can also bring back those memories that might never be recalled otherwise.

Most of us probably have in mind specific smells we can associate to places we have visited. After all, they say that every country has its own smells. So what does Greece smell like?

Well, Greece smells like oregano and basil, like jasmine and honeysuckle. And it also smells like fish and ouzo, olive oil, garlic and fresh fruits— because it’s not just about gyros and tzatziki!

Especially in the island of Mykonos and the rest of the Cyclades, the smell of thyme mixed with sea salt will be tickling your nose for good.

Now, if you want to experience Mykonos from a new olfactory perspective, all you have to do is start paying attention to the smells that embrace you as soon as you step out of the plane or the ferry. Starting from Mykonos Town —or ‘Chora’, as locals call it— just by walking along the many alleyways, you’ll soon realize that the individual smells of each house, shop and restaurant make their contribution to the smellscape of this beautiful town. The smells of Greek food, wine, coffee, perfumes of people strolling around, mingling with the smell of the sea, will be right there with you on every one of your vacation days if you’re staying in Chora.

If your steps lead you to Kalo Livadi beach, then you’re definitely at the right place to give your olfactory sensors a pleasant surprise. All you need to do is let the smell of the wet salty sea fill your nostrils and walk straight to Solymar, where the Cycladic gastronomic tradition is combined with modern Mediterranean cuisine, resulting in dishes rich in flavor. The sense of smell is integral to appreciating wine and food; so don’t forget to pair your meal with an excellent wine, to complement the overall experience.

What’s for sure is that the longer you spend on the island of Mykonos, the more your nose will pick up on more exciting smells! Are you ready to discover them?