LOVE with all your senses


If love has a taste, it is definitely the taste that your partner’s kiss leaves you with. And if your partner’s kiss tastes sweet to you, you might just like them more!


Smell plays an important role in attraction. Sometimes people subconsciously use smell in order to ferret out suitable mates. Real love has probably the smell of your partner’s scent!


Romantic touch isn’t the same as other tactile sensations. When people think about touching a romantic partner, it activates a different part of the brain than thinking about touching an object.
This brain activity is related to how passionately in love the partners feel for each other.
Furthermore, touch can be more than just pleasant — it can convince of your affection.


Your voice carries some information about your love life and it helps to express your interest in your lover. Besides, it is common knowledge that people tend to change their voice when talking to someone they feel attracted to!


It is undeniable that eyes are the window to the soul. Long gazes can make people feel more attracted to each other. Eye contact also signals that the person could reciprocate your affections.

Solymar encourages you to love with all your heart and show it, using each of your senses.